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CLYW Igloo New Release!

YoYoExpert November 16, 2016 0

clyw igloo

CLYW owner Chris Mikulin designed the Igloo in close collaboration with Michael Kurti to give him a say in the design every step of the way. Michael worked with Chris to gather up his favorite aspects of CLYW design and the end result is what Kurti says is the best yo-yo he has ever thrown, hands down!

clyw Igloo clyw Igloo

As Michael’s tricks have been growing longer and more complicated, he needed equipment that could handle his new concepts and direction. He brainstormed with Chris, came up with some ideas of what he wanted in a yo-yo, and landed on what you see before you – The Igloo! This yo-yo has a beautiful BVM2 inspired profile fused with a powerful bi-metal design to really push the weight distribution and allow for the longest spinning, most stable return top possible within Michael Kurti’s preferred specs.

clyw Igloo clyw Igloo

Releasing Thursday Nov 17th @ 10PM EST!


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