Hour Glass

Yo-Yo Trick

Hour Glass Part 1:

So the next trick we're going to show you is a trick called Hour Glass. I think it's named Hour Glass because of the shape it creates. I'm going to show you what it looks like real quick, in between two triangles that it goes back and forth between like so. The whole trick itself looks like this when done smoothly. That's Hour Glass, let me break this down to the first step. What you do is you start with the 1-1/2 mount just like so. Very much like And Whut in the beginning where you pop the yo-yo out, you do that same move there and instead of putting it onto the triangle, you actually open it up so that you have two triangles of string on either side of the yo-yo. This is actually what you used to swing-pivot the yo-yo around and the yo-yo hits this one triangle to your left multiple times. The trick itself can be done pretty much anyway you want it to, I'm just going to show you the way I learned how to do it. So, to start out, as I mentioned you pop out, you pull--open that triangle to do that as it's coming out, you actually take your three fingers, pull that triangle towards yourself. Put your thumb in here too. You want your thumb and your pointer and your middle finger to open up that triangle. Same thing on the other side, you want your thumb and your pointer finger open up this triangle. It should look like this. Take a minute and look how--if you can get this far. From there, you want to swing the yo-yo back towards your hand to land it on to the string, just like that, practice getting that far, that's basics of part one of Hour Glass, so comes out pop it up, land it on that string. So that's Hour Glass part one.

Hour Glass Part 2:

This is Hour Glass part two. Let me show you how far we've gotten up to so far. What we've done so far is we've popped the yo-yo out of the string, we pulled in and we've learned to land the yo-yo onto the string. The next few parts of it, look like this. I'm going to show you what it looks like again for the trick. It pops out, you bring it around, hit in. You go in and hit and you come back through and hit just like that. So, one more time what we do is we swing out, get to that part one, you want to hit onto that string just like that and you want to in and bring it back around. You'll notice that if you just drop right now you'll probably get a knot, so what you done is actually came around, you wrapped around the yo-yo. So what you want to do is undo, you want to come back to that triangle like I just did there and land it back onto the string. From here, you can actually just repeat the process. It goes in. Now we've got another knot if we were to drop it here. You can swing it back through and back to the triangle. The whole basic idea with this trick is that you've created a triangle of string. You can pop it in and out of the string however you want. This configuration I am showing you is just one way to do it, but you'll notice I can just go back and forth popping it in and out and as long as you do it in even amount of times, you'll come out without a knot. So one more time for Hour Glass. You pop it out and off, open up those two triangles, swing it up and onto that string there. You can let it drop in to land on, let it come back to that triangle and do this a couple of times and then to dismount you just basically drop everything else and come back to a trapeze. So that's Hour Glass.

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