Loops / Shoot the Moon

Yo-Yo Trick

The next we're going to work on is combining loops and shoot the moon. They're just called loops and shoot the moon. What you want to do, practice once again getting one hand strong looping, and with the other hand you're going to be doing shoot the moon. If you remember you can look back, the trick looks like that. So simultaneously, as you're looping, that's what you're going to be doing with your normal throw hand. It's kind of a cool looking movement. It will really impress people if you get it down. Again, I think it's easiest if you start doing this motion with your dominant hand. Do the shoot the moon with the dominant hand, you're going to have more control over it. Make sure you practice this and get this really well done. Shoot the moon can be a pretty hard trick to control sometimes and its important to be able to control it, 'cause you're going to be looping with your other hand and you don't want to have to concentrate on doing that. So, one more time, it's looping with one hand. You're shooting the yo-yo out with the other, combining this movement. This is called loop shoot the moon. A lot of these tricks just take practice and time to get right. When you do, you'll impressing all sorts of people.

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