Offstring Cross Arm Toss

Yo-Yo Trick

For the next trick I�ll be showing you the Cross Arm Toss and this is basically it, you're just crossing your arm and tossing the yo-yo and it goes back to the same place. So what you want to do is when you grab the string you're going to pop it, do a normal toss. And from there what you want to do is you're going to take this, your left hand or your non throw hand, and bring it under and bring your throw hand over Then you're just going to try to catch it on the inside string, the string closer to you. So, I�ll show you guys that this way, and what I�m doing is right here I�m tossing it out and then bringing my throw hand over and my non throw hand under. So that is all I�m doing and then I�m back. So, pretty much, you keep this the same the whole time. That's pretty much all you're doing, and since the yo-yo will land in the middle all you do is bring your finger back. So right here, toss it up, bring it back, and this is where it is. Then all you do is bring your non-throw hand back to where you were in the beginning, and you can continue to do repetitions of that. And what I like to do is maybe change it up and go on the outside of your hand so you can go inside/outside. And what you do for that one is you're doing the same thing; you're just bringing it underneath your throw hand arm. And that�s the toss - the Cross Arm Toss.

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