Ladder Escape

Yo-Yo Trick

Ladder Escape Part 1:

This is Ladder Escape part one. Let me show you what Ladder Escape looks like real quick. The trick itself, it goes like this. Try this one more time, Ladder Escape. You will see there is lot of elements to this, so sometimes even I'll miss one element in the trick. That's the whole basic trick itself right there. Now let me break this down into steps for you. The first step is something called a Ladder Mount, it looks like this. You notice you have kinda like a little triangle forming with the string. And from this, this is why this allows you to kinda pop the yo-yo in and out and do kind of like the tricks that I was just showing you a second ago. To get into this mount, what you want to do is you throw the string as if you're going into a Double or Nothing. You stop halfway through though and instead of swing onto your non-throw hand pointer, you go from the back over like that. I'm going to take my throw hand pointer finger and twist it in towards myself up and over like that. So when the yo-yo hits here, just like that-that's how you you're your Ladder Mount. The other part to it is as you're twisting this over, you want to take your thumb on this side and make sure that your thumb is over here. So as it comes over to land, you can display the Ladder Mount correctly, so it comes over, swing the yo-yo from behind, pull your finger in and out and stick your thumb in there just like that, my thumb is in here from my non-throw hand pointer, swing the yo-yo onto this as if you're doing a trapeze. From there your thumb is going to be twisted, so you want to point it out--point it out, take your thumb, pick that string up and from there you're going to be able to create the Ladder Mount. One more time, for Ladder Mount, I've swung the yo-yo in towards my body, take my throw hand pointer, twist in up and over, put my thumb in here, use my pointer finger until I land the yo-yo on the string farthest from me, untwist, pick up the thumb and you're there. Watch this video a couple of times, see if you can get the Ladder Mount, this part one of Ladder Escape. So one more time, the Ladder Mount.

Ladder Escape Part 2:

This is Ladder Escape part two. Let me show you real quick, this is the whole trick of Ladder Escape. We are just right now at the mount part of it, so let me show you real quick how we get there. So real quick, it should be this far, it should be at the Ladder Mount right there. First step of the Ladder Mount. You want to pop it off the Ladder Mount, open up this triangle and you're actually going to pop the yo-yo up through that triangle there, so from here we pop it up through that triangle just like so. From there, you're going to pop it up onto this string like that, you're going to let it swing back over and onto this string and from there, that's actually where part three hits. Let me show you real quick again with that looks like in a little more slow motion. So from here, from the Ladder Mount, you're going to pop it up through this triangle just like so, keep your thumb and your pointer finger in this loop over here and what you want to do is swing the yo-yo up onto it just like that. It almost actually looks like part of Hour Glass as you're coming up and swinging on. From here, you want to put your finger underneath as its going and you want to land the yo-yo back on the string just like that and this where part three begins, so one more time, let me just get out of it. You start with your Ladder Mount just like so, pop up through this triangle, it's farthest from you, pop up through, use your thumb and your pointer that open up this part like that, pop it up underneath and on just like that and that's the end of part two.

Ladder Escape Part 3:

Okay, this is part three of Ladder Escape. Right now, we are this far. We've gone up through, you dropped to the triangle and hit over here. From here you actually pop the yo-yo off the string, you drape the yo-yo over your non-throw hand and let the string hang down. Next, you're going to take your non-throw hand thumb and grab the string, hand over your hand here. Then you're going to transfer the string onto your thumb like that. You're actually going to take your throw hand and reach and grab the string from underneath and drape it over your hand like so and then you're going to take the string and swing it away from your body. This is towards to you guys but away from your body, then it comes over your hand and you actually want to land the yo-yo through this part. So, I'm going to show you from a different angle what this looks like. So from here, you can see we popped it up to this triangle, came up on the string right up on it again, this is where it parts you in, you pop it out, bring your non-throw hand up against the string here, you drape this down, take your non-throw hand thumb, grab the string, take your throw hand, bring it into the to the loop and you're going to take this underneath like that, swing it over, and this is the loop that you dropped the yo-yo through. One more time I'm just going to show you, so you might want to watch, watch the video carefully for this part, maybe up to part two, so this is that, you pop the yo-yo up, thumb, drop down, reach in, twist toward yourself. Shoot the yo-yo through here once just like that and the last part is you take your non-throw hand pointer finger. You raise this up like so and you actually drop the string with your thumb and aim it in towards the yo-yo just like that. It's going to bring it into a triangle, that's the last part of Ladder Escape. So one last time, the trick looks like this. Once you pop it to the triangle that last part, you'd pinch, swing, and guide it into the loop, and that's Ladder Escape.

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