Offstring Thumb Grind

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick I�ll be showing u is the Thumb Grind. And you're just placing the yo-yo on your thumb and catching it back on the string. To do this you want to make the yo-yo lean towards one side, towards your non-throw hand. And what you're going to do is once it's leaning towards your non-throw hand just pop it off, and what I like to do is get it near the top of the yo-yo and let it diagonally spin on my thumb. And it's usually spinning on the top of the nail, that makes it easier and it doesn't really hurt so you have nothing to worry about. So you just tilt the yo-yo over, pop it on your thumb, pop it off, and use a little string to get it back on and that�s the thumb grind.

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