Offstring Under The Leg Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, this next trick is like an Under Whip, but this time its going to be under your leg; the Under Leg Whip. And to learn this its pretty much the exact same as a regular under whip, but you're just lifting your leg up. And what I like to do as a trick to help me out is when I�m lifting my leg up I like to get my whole hand underneath, so its like a regular whip under your leg. And then whip the yoyo with the back string; remember that, that helps a lot when you have something to aim for. So once you get better you don't have to put your whole arm under your leg, you can just throw it out there. But it is definitely easier to start it as just a regular whip under your leg. But that�s it, pretty straight forward.

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