Offstring Leg Orbits

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, this next trick ill be showing you is Leg Orbits. You can do as many repetitions as you like, it definitely is a crowd pleaser. What you want to do to start is throw it, put one leg over it, and it doesn't matter which. What I definitely try to do is get balance on each leg so you're not all over the place, and you're just going to be swinging it back and forth. Then you're going to toss it with your non-throw hand to your other hand. So you're swinging it, it's on your non-throw hand side, and you're tossing it to the other side. You want to get a good throw in so definitely keep your hands straight so it�s easier to get it on each side. And use your leg also to hold the string straight each time, because when the yo-yo's in the air you're going to want to keep control of the string. The string can't be all over the place; it will be harder to do. That's pretty much all you're doing, you're just popping the yo-yo, you're throwing it with your left hand, you just pull, and pop it over to the other side. And when you're popping it what I like to do is I pretty much just pull up with the string so that the leg is holding it down and then I have more control on the other side. So, if you see that once I pop the yo-yo over, the string comes up and I�m able to control it here and just aim it, aim the yo-yo, onto the yo-yo string. And that�s all there is to it.

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