Double on Trapeze Release

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to show you today, it's actually your first freehand trick. It is double on trapeze release. What you do is you throw a trapeze, hold in a counterweight like we described in the last section. The trapeze looks like this. If you haven't learned it already, from the first section, go take a look at that. So, you throw a trapeze, first step. The next step is you actually hold on the dice at the end here, bring the yoyo back on twice like so, and you going to release the dice. So it looks just like that. Let me show you again in fast speed. So, do the trapeze. You bring it double on, you release the dice, and catch it again. So, to break it down a little more, what you do, trapeze, you push into the string again to bring the yoyo on twice, you can either throw the dice down, I mean even just releasing it allows it to swing and then you can bring your hand over and grab it. It's just the whole idea is that you're actually releasing the dice, and re-grabbing it again. You'll notice that when I do it, I kinda give the dice a little bit more of a toss. That's what really helps it shoot around. It's pretty fancy looking if you can do it pretty fast. It just comes around, you catch. You can also kinda as it's coming around, aim towards the bottom of the string at first, if you're having a little hard time catching the dice, you can just bring your hand back up to the dice so you can catch it. So, one more time, double on, throw, and catch, and then bring the yoyo back to your hand. And that is double on release trapeze.

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