Brain Twister

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick I�m showing you is another type of throw, which is the Braintwister Throw. And like in 1A there are two ways to get into the Braintwister mount. There's the under mount, which most people would say is easier, when you're just landing the string under and letting your other hand do the motion. And the other mount, or the other way of doing it, is the overhand in which you let your left hand do it, like that. And I�d probably say that ones harder but they're both the same way to get into the brain twister mount. To do the underhand mount, what you want to do is hold your non-throw hand kind of open with your palm and you're going to throw over it so the yo-yo is going to go this way. So that way the string lands right in your hand and you're going to bring your non-throw hand underneath and catch it when the string comes off, like that. So it's kind of a quick motion. But bindings the same also, it's just throwing the string at the yo-yo. So you pretty much just throw the yo-yo over, you need to make sure the string comes out all the way or else it will snap back, like that. But you want to make sure the string is rolled up well and you go straight under with your throw hand, and that�s that under mount. The over mount is definitely harder; once you catch it with your non throw hand you're going to go over the yo-yo right away. So you'll be throwing the yo-yo, the yo-yo will be right here, and you'll have the string and you're going to go over it till you catch it. You kind of have to do it quickly, like that. That's basically all there is to it, you catch the string and loop around, like that. And you're in the exact same mount as the under mount. This is the under mount right there, and then this would have been the over mount, but in the end you're in the Braintwister mount. And that�s the trick.

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