Double Suicide

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, we're on the last trick of the expert level, this is double suicide. This isn't necessarily the hardest trick on the list, but it is tricky, it takes practice and it's really cool looking. It's worth practicing enough to try and get it. But it's funny, it's one of those tricks that you may not get every time, even I won't hit it every time but I like, so I threw it in here. Make sure you can do suicide first, go watch that suicide video, we're throwing that loop over and catching that loop that's created, make sure you can at least do that a couple of times. It's an important trick to be able to do for this. Double suicide, what you're actually doing is hitting the yo-yo on the string, you're creating an extra loop to fly around kind of. Looks like this as it hits this and it comes over you're creating a loop, but it comes around twice, it shoots around really fast which requires you to catch it really fast. So, watch now as I hit, you'll see the loop come around, it's coming around really fast and it shoots around, you'll catch it just like that. A way to make it a little bit easier to catch it is as you're coming around on the string, push down a little bit more. You might of seen that loop open up a little bit more. As I come around I hit this string with my pointer finger, I'll push down on that and that pops the yo-yo up into the air a little more creating that loop which it shoots right around. Again, this is one that you may not be able to hit every single time you try it. It's really hard, like I said even I have a hard time hitting it. Sometimes practice, it's just a double on like that, it comes around twice and you catch it with your fingers just like so. That's double suicide.

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