Offstring Hop the Fence Regen

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, the next trick is the Hop the Fence Regen, which looks like this, and then you loop regen out of it. What happens here is when you throw it you're going to get it to return back to your hand, but right here, its coming back and what I learned was to use my middle finger to just push in front and do that before the yo-yo gets to your hand. So when you're doing that the yo-yo is forced to follow and go straight back down, just like the Brain Twister throw. And once you're there you just Brain Twister mount it, you can do under or you can do over, but it's easier to do under. So straight into the brain twister mount, that's really all there is to it. Its returning, then you go in front, make a little motion like that, and then it should be coming down like that. That�s the Hop the Fence Regen.

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