Offstring Under Leg Throw

Yo-Yo Trick

All right so this next throw is the Under the Leg Throw and that's what it looks like. And you want to start with the Breakaway Throw you learned earlier, and you're just going to throw it under your leg, kind of like the Under the Leg Whip, and you just lift your leg up. But what you do here is you kind of use your leg to help you out. When you're throwing it, once the yo-yo is under your leg, you're going to pull up with your throw hand, like that. And what you saw me do there is right when I threw it under I grabbed the string. So it's kind of all one quick motion and I grabbed the string, there wasn't a lot of string over. So once again it�s kind of like a basic throw. You're trying to get the least amount of string you can to really catch the yo-yo because its just more control when u have less string, like that. And that�s the Under the Leg Throw.

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