Basic Offstring Throw

Yo-Yo Trick

I'm going to be showing you guys the basic throw, which is this, and then just bringing it back to your hand. And how you're going to do this is you're going to throw the yo-yo just like a normal forward pass. You want to make sure that the yoyo is coming - or the string is coming from under the yo-yo. And you're going to throw it out, like this, you're going to throw it over. And what you're going to do is as you're throwing it out, you're going to have it go up. So you're throwing it up and you're pulling upwards with your hand. And then you're going to grab the string and, kind of, pull back with your throwing hand - like that. And when you're actually throwing it you don't need all the string to catch it, all you need is a little bit of string. And you want to aim it; the yo-yo is going to be spinning up here and you just want to aim it and catch it on the string. Then you can let it fall and it will be spinning - like that. Once you're here you want to keep it balanced, so keep your hands straight. You don't want one in front of the other; you just want to stay balanced so the yo-yo continues to spin. And then you're just going to take the string, and what we're going to do is you're going to swing it, and as you're swinging it once its out there you're going to throw the string back at the yo-yo, back at yourself, and you're going to pull with your throw hand. So, right here, swing it outwards, throw the string back, and pull, and catch it.

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