The idea is to "make the simple amazing."

Here at YoYoExpert we believe that the yo-yo is more than just a toy and it is our mission to show the world how amazing this simple object can become with a little practice and perseverance.

Challenge Yourself
We want you to meet new people, share tricks, teach others, and get that amazing sense of accomplishment as you learn and perfect the many tricks that make yo-yoing what it is today.

Begin Your Journey
Get a yo-yo, print a trick list, and start learning now!
Remember to take your time and don't get frustrated. If you get stuck on a trick skip to a new one and come back to it. Have a question? Email the YoYoExpert or visit our official forum
and ask our YoYoExpert community. Practice hard and you too can become a YoYoExpert!

Beginner Yo-Yo Tricks

Start here in your journey into yo-yoing. Before you know it you will be doing Rock the Baby!

Intermediate Yo-Yo Tricks

After a brief introduction you are ready to start landing the yo-yo on the string!
Keep an eye on string tension and practice hard!

Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks

Its time to make it look good. You need a strong throw and no more hand winding the yo-yo string. This section is built for you to impress.

Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks - Part 2

You can almost consider yourself an expert. Learn to GRIND and whip the yo-yo in mid-air!

Expert Yo-Yo Tricks

Expert tricks are built to amaze!
Revolutions, Suicide, and Spirit Bomb are strong elements in a freestyle performance.

Expert Yo-Yo Tricks (Part 2)

Continue your journey to becoming a YoYoExpert.
Black Hops and Kamikaze show your true control over the yo-yo.

Master Yo-Yo Tricks

These are some of the strongest tricks out there. Practice makes perfect.

Looping Yo-Yo Tricks

Looping Basics
Ready for somethign different? Grab a looping yo-yo and jump into these tricks. Sure to impress.

Two Handed Looping Yo-Yo Tricks (2A)

Double A
Your journey into looping tricks continues as you get ready to use a yo-yo on each hand! Patience is important and practice is essential.

Offstring Yo-Yo Tricks (4A)

Play with the yo-yo not even connected to the string! Toss it to the air, whip it, and fling it. Just practice in an open area first!

Offstring With Ben Conde

Basic to Advanced
with Ben Conde

Play with the yo-yo not even connected to the string! Toss it to the air, whip it, and fling it. Just practice in an open area first!

Learn from the amazing Ben Conde how to Go Big!


Offstring W/ Ben Conde


Counterweight Yo-Yo Tricks

Play with the yo-yo not even connected to your hand. Let go of it completely and use the counterweight to pull off stylish moves!

Counterweight With Miguel Correa

Miguel Correa 5A
New School tricks taught by National Champion Miguel Correa

Fixed Axle With Ed Haponik

Fixed Axle With Ed Haponik
Fixed Axle Play
Ed Haponik has played a huge role in the innovation of 'modern' fixed axle play. Learn from the best!
Moebius 101 Project
Presented by YoYoExpert
and the 2012 Trick Innovator
Zammy (Daniel Ickler).
Advanced Tech W/ Tylor McCallumore
Presented by YoYoExpert

Maintenance & General Knowledge

Understand the important concepts behind yo-yos, what makes them spin, and how you may be able to improve yours.