Windshield Wipers!

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, next up is Windshield Wipers. It looks like that. And it's a repeater, so you can do it all day if you want to. Basically. this trick comes from a simpler trick called Double Trick-Flip (my 5 year-old daughter named that quite a while ago). You're going to throw the yo-yo over your hand like a Suicide, but you're just going to let the yo-yo kind of unwind. You're not actually going to catch the Suicide loop. You're just going to throw it over, watch it unwind, and bring it back to your hand.

As it unwinds, you're going to replace you're index finger on the other side of the string. And that's going to give you some control, allowing you to actually keep the yo-yo unwinding in space, as opposed to going down and up. You kind of keep it right in one place as you bring your throw hand down up or down, which is kind of a great trick on its own in my opinion. But in this situation, we're going to go to the next step; we're going to try to mount the yo-yo.

So throw the Suicide loop over the hand, replace your index finger on this side, watch it unwind, and then catch it in a reverse Trapeze stall like this. Probably good to do that a couple hundred times. Just loop out of to or regenerate out of it. So once we have that really good and down, we're going to throw the yo-yo over this hand (the throw hand), reverse our place on the string with our index finger, and catch it in a regular Trapeze stall. So now, we're back to where we started. So that's one iteration of this repeater.

So you throw it over, you catch it in a reverse stall, back to this side, and into a Trapeze stall, and continue on ad nauseum. Windshield Wipers is pretty fun. You can kind of use your knees a little bit, and even if the yo-yo flips over and looks kind of chaotic on its way, the string causes it to get back in a line, typically, by the time that you would catch it on the string. So that actually makes it quite a bit easier. Anyway, Windshield Wipers. Super-fun.

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