Double or Nothing Counterweight Trick

Yo-Yo Trick

The next freehand trick we're going to show you is called a double or nothing release. You already want to have learned the trick double or nothing because what this is is basically just releasing the dice like so and then catching it back up onto it so--we'll start with the double or nothing like that and then, what you're actually going to do is let go of the dice on this side. It's going to swing over and then you can catch again. Just like that. Let go, bring it over and you're back in a trapeze. It's kind of an easy way to get from double or nothing to trapeze like so. Like that. Double or nothing release. So, once again, we'll start with double or nothing. You can just release the dice like that and bring it back over to your hand. It's more of a transition than a trick, what I'm showing you here. There are variations from these where you can actually like flip onto other strings but this is a good move just to learn to see that if you let go of this, you're back into a trapeze. So, double or nothing release just like that. From that, you can even let go of it and start swinging the dice from there. You can go back into 360 that we just learned. Double or nothing release.

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