Yo-Yo Trick

Butterfly Part 1:

So, this next freehand trick is called butterfly. It's kinda funny. Cause it almost look like a butterfly flapping its wings 'cause the yoyo is going one way, the dice is coming the other way. The trick itself looks like this. You throw and swing around your hand just like so, and you release the dice. It's going the opposite way with your other hand. So it looks just like that. You'll notice they're almost crossing, they're almost running into each other, but just barely. With a little practice, you can actually get good enough at this where you won't hit it like I just did there. But it still happens. So, looks like this. It's butterfly. The yoyo is going one way, dice is going the other way. To start this, you want to hold the string just like so. It's between your thumb and your pointer finger like that. As the yoyo is coming up and around, you'll notice as it comes around my pointer, if I'm pinching like that, it actually doesn't hold on to anything. It can just continually swing around in a circle. That's important because that's the motion you want to be happening. So practice this movement first: you pinch and you allow the yoyo to swing. You want it to be just about halfway, maybe a little bit less, give a little more room for the side with the dice on there. And then what you're going to do is with the hand with the dice in it, you're actually going to release it going the opposite way. I'm going to show you what this looks like.

Butterfly Part 2:

So as it's coming around, I'll actually take the dice and I'll release it going the other way. Now, at first, it's only going to go around a little bit and then it's probably going to stop on you. And the motion that you need to start practicing, it's kind of an up and down motion with the string. So, as this is coming around, you'll notice my hand is kinda moving up and down, up and down, and that's what's keeping that dice moving and it's what keeping the yoyo swinging. And you'll notice, the yoyo has actually stopped spinning completely, but as long as I keep this motion going, they'll continue to revolve around each other. And the trick will keep going. So you can even practice this with a dead yoyo if you just want to get the feel for it. You'll also notice at this angle, you can kinda see they're just barely passing each other. They're kinda going at angles not quite parallel to each other and that's part of the key to his trick. From the front face, it looks like they're just barely passing each other, but from the side, you can kinda see they're slightly different trajectories so it's less likely they'll hit each other. So, one more time, it's a throw, like so, and then you come around and catch. That's butterfly.

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