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How To Wind A Yo-Yo

Now with the new Yo-Yo's out today, many of them come with ball bands and let me show you real quick what that looks like. When you open your yo-yo, they come apart like that and you have a ball band inside. It actually spins right around when you flick it. And this is what the string actually goes around. So when you put your string on like I showed you in the last segment, it actually goes right around the band like so. So when you are playing with a yo-yo, it is actually spinning around the band itself which creates less friction and allows them to spin as long as they are spinning. So we will put these back together. What happens is you will notice when you are playing with it and trying to wind it back up, because there is a ball bearing here, when you move this it is not grabbing onto anything. It just continues to move around. What you need to do is actually put one finger into the gap, go around that finger once, come underneath it and skip it. Do this two, sometimes three times. My yo-yo is a little wider so it needs to be a little more. You drop that loop in there and just slightly finish rolling it up and you may think that knot will stop the yo-yo when it is coming out. When you throw it, it will start spinning right away and it will go straight and that is how to wind the yo-yo.

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