Suicide 1.5

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to be learning is "suicide 1.5." If you didn't learn "suicide" yet, go take a look at it. "Suicide" was the trick where you fling that string around and you catch that loop. "Suicide 1.5" is a very similar thing, except you actually catch the loop with your throw hand instead of your non-throw hand. The trick itself looks like that. The loop comes over, and you catch that loop with your throw hand. Let me show you that again. Just like that. And see how now I'm actually in a "one-and-a-half" mount with my hands crossed. It's not quite a full "suicide," since it lands across like that. From here you can actually go and finish up into a "kwyjibo," or something. So take a look at that video, too, if you want to finish like that. But what you do is, as the loop's coming over, like so, you take that loop and you actually catch it with your throw hand like that. So one of the things that you can actually do to practice is to throw it over and aim with your pointer and catch that loop just like so. Once you have that down, you're catching that loop, you actually can take your non-throw hand and it comes across into the string. As that happens--whoops, let's try this again. As that happens, you pull the string. Away, and, with the loop that you just caught with your throw hand, your hands will be crossed, and you will have done the trick. It's just like so.

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