Offstring Head Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

So this next trick is the head whip. I showed you guys the shoulder whip and this one is like that but you use your head instead. Most people think this one is kind of scary but it's like the same motion as the Shoulder Whip, you get right here, and for me I like to throw it higher so I have more time to aim and just get the feeling of it. You loop it onto your head and you have this much room to just aim and get the yo-yo to land in between there. And literally if you get the yo-yo to land around there its most likely going to land on the string. So just hold it like a normal whip and make sure there�s a gap in between so that when the yo-yo falls it will hit the string. But you definitely need to aim it, what I like to do is let the yoyo fall onto one of the strings. I can feel where the strings are with my fingers, and when it�s on my head I can control that. And that�s the head whip.

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