Yo-Yo Trick

Our next trick is Recaptures. They look like this. So just a Trapeze Stall off of a UFO or some other plane-changing trick. If your UFO's and Sidewinders aren't really strong already, you're going to want to go back and work on those to get them really consistent before you try this. Basically, UFO, we're throwing to the right side to tighten. And instead of bringing the yo-yo out here like we do for a proper UFO, we're going to bring the yo-yo kind of straight up along our body. That's going to put it in a good position for us to see it so that we can time that Trapeze Stall, which can be really challenging. Right there. If you can get it to kind of smack against your finger, that can actually really help because it can kind of cause a wedge to develop in the string against the yo-yo, which causes the yo-yo to kind of sit there and not fall off of the string, which can be a big problem. So that's your basic Recapture trick.

You can also do it off of Sidewinder. If you do it off of a Sidewinder to the right side, this time the yo-yo is going to be (oriented) up and down, and you can catch it in a Lunar Landing (if you're careful). Practice your Sidewinders religiously to make sure that you've got them down, because otherwise it will be hard to find the string. So I'm going to throw it off here and catch it in a Lunar Landing like that. So, slowing that down, as the yo-yo is here and winding up along the string, you have to stick your thumb into this segment right here and catch it, allowing it to fall. It's really challenging because that segment is going around and around and around, and you have to time it so that you can find it with your thumb. It happens really, really fast, but if you get the feeling right, it's just like regular Lunar Landing. If you get your hand in the right position, it kind of falls there on its own. Let's try it one more time.

So, Lunar Landing off of a Sidewinder is also an example of Recapture. You can also technically do it off of a loosening Sidewinder, but you have to do it with an inverted Lunar Landing, which is really hard and kind of blind at the same time. So we'll try that. So now the Lunar Landing is upside-down, and the Sidewinder (since it's loosening) necessitates that backward catch to get it in the stall. So a lot of fun. This is a great Butterfly Horse trick or "dare" trick because it's very challenging, but also a lot of fun and good practice. Good luck!

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