Frequently Asked Question:


I have a question about one of your items. Should I call?
Yes! Please give us a call at (413) 551-9696 or send us an email to Our knowledgeable staff can answer most questions you might have about our products. We are here to help you make your buying decisions.

What are your shipping policies?
Our shipping policies can be found here.

What is your return policy?
You may return any unused product for a refund, store credit, or an exchange within 20 days from the date we shipped the product to you. This is only for the return of product in perfect condition with complete intact packaging, etc.

I want to return an item. How do I do that?
Returns are handled on a case by case basis. For more information please call us at (413) 551-9696 or send us an email to

An item I purchased broke? What can I do?
Many of the manufacturers do offer manufacturer warranties on products within 30 days of purchase. Of course this is limited to manufacturing defects and does not cover user damage. However we do pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will always assist you in trying to resolve the problem you are having and give the needed advice. Always feel free to contact us when something isn't working correctly:

I don't want to get a mountain of spam and junk mail. What are your privacy policies?
The simple answer is that we don't sell or rent our customer lists to spammers, junk mailers, or those who provide lists to companies that engage in those practices.
The long answer can be found here

Have a question regarding something that isn't here?
Send us an email - - we usually respond within 24 hours!

Do you ever offer any sales or promotions?
We currently announce all YoYoExpert promotions and new releases through our email list which you can sign up for here:

How often do you restock on items? Can we request a specific color?
We are constantly receiving new product in a range of different colors and even special editions. However YoYoJam and YoYoFactory can be pretty random with the production of specific colors therefore its difficult to say exactly when we will have a specific color or if we will have it again after it is out of stock.

General Yo-Yo Questions or Concerns:

I throw my yo-yo but it just spins at the bottom of the string. I can't get it back to my hand.
What kind of yo-yo was purchased? Was it an intermediate or advanced style yo-yo? These string trick yo-yos are built to play unresponsive when the bearing is clean - they ship with a clean bearing so they are meant to not return with a tug. Unresponsive play is actually what has made all these tricks we do today possible so it is really the best way to play with yo-yos.
People actually learn what is called a "bind" return to get the yo-yo back to your hand since we now play with yo-yos completely unresponsive. Here are some videos about unresponsive play and the bind return:

I can't wind up my yo-yo. The string just goes around in a circle.
To wind the yo-yo you would want to watch the video shown here:

My string is too long for me. How can I make it shorter?
String is easily adjusted to anyone's height. Watch the video here for help:

My string broke. What do I do? How do I attach a new string?
Fortunately string is relatively cheap and easily replaced.
Here are some great videos on attaching, adjusting, and winding your yo-yo string:
Here is a link to purchase replacement yo-yo string:

How do I lube my yo-yo and what type of lube should I use?
Here is a video showing how to correctly lube your yo-yo:
Thick lube is used to make your yo-yo more responsive and easier to return to your hand. Thin lube is used to make your yo-yo less responsive and easier to complete string tricks and use the bind return.
Lube can be purchased here:
We only recommend official Yo-Yo lube as bearings can be easily ruined with things such as WD-40, graphite, etc.

What is the difference between Hybrid response and Double O-Ring?
Hybrid and o-ring response are explained here:
One is not better than the other as it really comes down to personal preference.

How do I make my yo-yo less responsive?
There are a few important things to make your yo-yo less responsive.
The most important thing in an unresponsive yo-yo is the bearing. It is very important that the bearing is completely clean so it can spin freely. Currently many companies offer clean bearings such as YoYoFactory SPEC bearings and YoYoJam Speed Bearings. To make a yo-yo even less responsive you can use a bearing that guides the string to stay centered - both the Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing and CBC Center Trac bearing are excellent to make your yo-yo is completely unresponsive. The response system of a yo-yo is important to ensure you have tight binds and that the string is strongly held and recalled back into the yo-yo. Silicone response has been the number one choice of this and many companies now ship their intermediate to advanced yo-yos with a clean bearing and silicone pre-installed.

My yo-yo has suddenly become responsive. How can I make it unresponsive again?
Try opening the yo-yo and spinning the bearing with your finger. Does it spin freely or does it feel stuck?
Sometimes hair or string can get caught around it causing it to slow down too so check around. If nothing is stuck around your bearing and it is still spinning slowly or is making a 'grinding' noise it may be time to replace or upgrade the bearing. A bearing will only last so long before replacement is necessary but this depends on overall use of the yo-yo.