Offstring Whip Catch

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to work on is called a whip catch. What we're actually doing is popping the yoyo up in to the air and whipping it. The trick itself looks like this. I pop it up and whip it in to the air just like that. Just pop it and whip it. The whole idea with this trick is as you pop the yoyo up into the air, you want to hold the string first like this. As it's in the air like that, you hold it just like that. As you--the first pop, you pop it up on to these two strings just like so. So, the yoyo is sitting just like that. So, start from the first step; you're right there. You-first then pop it up onto those two strings. You're going to be here, just like that. The next step is the hard part. You want to make sure, first of all, that you've got all four fingers holding onto the string at this point. This is my throw hand. I've got four fingers under this loop. As I pop the yoyo up in to the air, the loop is released and what you do is you take this loop and swing it forward down over and you want to guide that string into the yoyo with your pointer finger. See, how my pointer finger is kinda holding onto this loop. As the yoyo is coming into the air, you guide that finger right down in to it. That one string is going to catch the yoyo and is going to shoot it right on to it and you'll whip catch right in midair just like that. So, one more time, it starts right here. You pop it up under here and then in the midair, you whip it up, bring your hand down, whip catch it. That's the whip catch and go practice.

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