Offstring Suicide

Yo-Yo Trick

This next trick I�ll be showing you guys is called the Suicide. And you're pretty much just throwing the string around and catching it with the other hand. To start off what you want to do is just practice swinging the yoyo, and it�s going to go around your throw hand. So, since I�m right handed, it will be going around this way - coming around this way - and I�ll be catching it with my other hand. So, once you get the hang of swinging it, you're going to let go of this string. But, as you're letting go, you're going to take your throw hand and kind of make a motion around so you're kind of controlling it. And make sure that the swings just fall in one motion so that when you let go of it make sure the yoyo is on its way up. You can't let go of it here because then it's going to fly up. Yeah. So what I�m doing there is as I�m releasing the string I�m pulling this way so the string is staying with the yoyo. The yoyo is coming up, pulling, and swinging it around. And once you do that you can add on to whatever, catch it behind your arm, you can do that. Maybe under your leg - keep your balance - but yeah, that�s Suicide

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