Offstring Slack Trapeze

Yo-Yo Trick

This one is the Slack Trapeze of offstring. To do this you throw it the wrong way again, so I put the wrong spin on it. Right here the string is coming from the top, that�s not how you're supposed to throw it but that�s how you throw it for this trick. So you're throwing it like this and the yo-yo is spinning front. And you just pop it up, place it in this hand, and when you do that it's just spinning forward in this hand. You're going to take this string, whip it around and then just toss it up in the string and it will roll up. So it�s pretty simple but it�s a pretty cool trick to watch. And what I do is I grab the string, right here, and I actually have it pinched so I have more control over it and I literally put it straight over the string and just throw it in. And that�s the trick.

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