Punching Bags

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to work on is called punching bags. This is a hard one. It takes a lot of practice. It's actually based off of hop the fence. So, if you didn't learned hop the fence, go back, take a look at that trick. Hop the fence anyway, it looks like this. You're throwing. The yo-yo's going down over your hand, repeating this motion over and over again. Like I said before, when you throw it, it's good to kinda start at a little bit an angle for hop the fence and when you throw this, it's coming right over your hand. You're directing it out like so. And just repeatedly making this motion. Go and look at hop the fence video, I think I have some more tips that might help you with that. Make sure you get that strong. The next movement though, for punching bags is it's going to be in extreme movement with your hands. It's almost like you're punching. I think that's probably where it gets its name and as you're moving, it's like a hop the fence but you're punching your hand out a little bit more each time. But the trick itself looks like this. It starts with hop the fence down below and you learn to raise it up. It's just kinda like a raised hop the fence, and you can see my hand making this shooting out motion. It starts a little bit lower and eventually, it shoots up to create that punching motion. You want the yo-yo just above your shoulder. That's where you're going to have the best control.

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