Offstring Sens Poppin

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick is Sens Poppin' and it's like Boingy-Boingy but you're switching your arms each time. So its' also similar to the 1A trick: Pop 'n' Fresh. It is kind of complicated to figure out, what you want to do is pop it like a Boingy-Boingy, the first step of Boingy-Boingy. And then you're going to bring your throw hand underneath your hand and just cross, but you need to do the exact same thing on the way back. So going under you're bringing this hand straight backwards, it's going under and, as you can see, this non-throw hand is snatching the string. So when this yo-yo is up you're snatching the string back there, and then you popping it up again and you snatch it in the front. So that's all there is to it if u can figure that out. You want to just pop it up and, see the back string, you grab that. And this hand always goes under; the throw hand always goes under. Pop it out; throw the one hand under and u want to grab the front string. Then you just want it smooth it out once u get the hang of it. And that�s Sen's Poppin.

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