360 degrees - Counter-weight Trick

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick you're going to learn is called 360. It's a really cool one. You're actually throwing a trapeze and releasing it. The trick itself looks like this. You're throwing it, you release and then re-catch it. It's just one movement. The yoyo actually kinda carries that dice back around. See, you can re-catch it again. So, to do this trick, start with a trapeze. At first it's going to feel weird 'cause you're probably going to be afraid that you're going to drop the yoyo and not catch it all but just practice this move a little bit. Get a really good swinging motion and you should be able to catch without too much trouble. So, to do this, swing the yoyo. You want to take your throw hand that's holding the dice and as the yoyo is swinging up and over toward yourself, you actually want to let go of the dice and then re-catch it just like that. I find that when I first started learning this trick, that if I held the dice just like so, let go of it as the yoyo is swinging up over the finger that I had the most success than re-catching it without the yo-yo doing something like that or it falls off. So, get a good swinging motion, release and then re-catch it like that. Practice this a couple of times. You'll start getting a feel for it and then once you really get the hang of it, you can make it look like this. For the minute it hits the trapeze, you can let go and catch just like that. It's kind of a cool looking move. It actually breaks into a lot of other moves that we can be learning later on in freehand play. That's a 360.

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