Types of Looping YoYo's

Yo-Yo Trick

So we're going to talk about the different types of looping yo-yos. There's a couple different companies out there that make different types of looping yo-yos. When you look at them, there's different things you'll notice. Somehow a little bit heavy, some are a little bit light. So there's different weights. Basically, for the most part, we use the same shape. I've got two different companies here. You'll notice, they're actually pretty close to the same shape. One has a little bit different of a gap to it. Different caps. It kinda bubble out a little bit more in one than the other. But they're pretty close to the same thing. If you could actually hold them right now, you'd actually feel this one's just a little bit heavier in hand. When you play with them, you actually just end up kind of getting the feel for which one is better for you. When you open them up, inside, this one has a ball bearing to it which is important for learning some of the more advanced looping tricks. 'Cause as it's spinning, the string is shooting around this and there's no friction. This one in this case, they make this one with a bearing. The one I currently have just has a fixed plastic axel in here that will shoot around, it's trans-axel so it shoots around the gap like that but that's what helps control this one and keep this one spinning at the end when you throw something like an around the world. When it comes down to it, they're all pretty close. They'll all do a lot of the same stuff. A lot of the pros actually end up having to almost break their yo-yo. They take one of these specific yo-yos and they'll actually over tighten the gap. They'll use bearings as well as plastic spacers so there is this little plastic parts that will go on either side of the band to grab it, which makes the yo-yo a little more grabby and really helps you control your loops and keep them going. So there's lot of different kinds. I suggest you kinda go out, look what you can find and try them out, see what works best for you. I found that a bearing with O-rings is what's best for me but lots of people use lots of different things so.

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