Wrist Mount

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to work on is called "spirit bomb," but first, I'm going to show you something called a "wrist mount." "Spirit bomb" uses a wrist mount, as does a couple of other tricks. Another trick called "Superman" uses the wrist mount. These are complicated tricks. It kind of looks like the bucket mount that w were doing earlier, except it's a little different in that it goes around your wrist and lands the yo-yo. So let me show you what this looks like first: a wrist mounts looks like this. You have a string coming around your wrist. You have the string crossed through the string here and a triangle opened up. And what this allows you to do is play with it, with these triangle formations that you have. "Spirit bomb" is a trick that is entirely comprised of these moves, and so it's important to get a good wrist mount. A wrist mount starts, go over your fingers as if you were going to do a trapeze, but instead you continue the yo-yo over and, kind of as if you were in a "double-or-nothing," you stick your wrist out, though. You want it to go over your wrist. It goes over the back of your wrist right there. That's important because you want it to be lined up. As it comes around, what you do as it swings around, you take your hand and twist it. Gets your thumb opening up this triangle that's forming? As the string comes underneath, it's actually going to land back on the string that it's connected to, the string that's coming under your wrist, just like so, and you land it right into the middle. Let me show that again really quickly. That's a wrist mount. It's landed right into the middle of this triangle, and it's that string that you want. It's the string that's going underneath, just like so. To get out of the wrist mount, you can either do one of two things: you can grab this triangle that was created and just pull the yo-yo back out of it. It's a similar motion to how you get out of the bucket hold that we went over. The other way to get over and get out of a wrist mount is,--let me show you from this angle really quickly--you come from here, you push into the string, and then you push into the string connected to the yo-yo itself, and land on that string. It's a little bit tricky. I recommend watching the video a couple of times, taking notes on how that's happening. That?s how you get out of it. That's a wrist mount. Practice this. "Spirit bomb" is the next trick that we're going to be working on, which uses that.