And Whut

Yo-Yo Trick

And Whut Part 1:

So the first trick we're going to touch on is called And Whut. It's a pretty cool looking trick. Let me show you what it looks like real quick. It starts like this. That's the whole trick right there. Looks like a lot, I'm going to break it down into two steps. So first step is like this. I want you to watch this video a couple of times, slow it down for yourself, really keep an eye on the string maneuvers and what not. We're going to start from here. You start with a mount, it's like a double or nothing, except the first string goes around your thumb, so start basically with double or nothing that goes around your thumb right there. What you do from here is you take your non-throw hand pointer finger and you bring it actually around the yo-yo just like so, comes right around like that, and so you actually have an extra wrap right around the yo-yo itself. Then you let go of the thumb string with your throw hand pointer finger and you actually just come forward undo that wrap. That's the whole first part right there. Let me show you one more time so I come over, double up around, just come under and come undone. You want to try and do this in one fluent movement, so I'm going to show you real quick what I mean by that. You come on and then in one fluent movement, you unwrap that. It's just kind of a quick move. Most people when you do it, you won't be able to really see it. It just hits and then comes right underneath.

And Whut Part 2:

The second step to this part--part 1, you can actually start from a 1-1/2 mount. You swing it over like so and what's going to happen, let me show you from this angle is you press against these two strings here. You press into them and the yo-yo is going to flip over the front part like so. I take my non-throw hand pointer finger and pull in towards myself. You'll notice I have a triangle here that's kind of formed. You want to hit the yo-yo on this string, the string that's closest to your body. You just bring the string right into--under like that. That's another yo-yo sitting on there and then from this angle here you can see--I'm actually going to take my throw hand pointer finger and untwist this extra loop I have. So the yo-yo sitting on this triangle like so. Let me show you one more time real quick what this looks like, so from the beginning, double on, unwrap and you're going to go into where it was with the 1-1/2 mount, you pop the yo-yo into the air like that, pull, watch that video for the angle on this part, you take your non-throw hand pointer to spread the strings apart, untwist it with your throw hand. Pop the yo-yo up from the inside here. This is where we were at the end just a second ago and this is where we going to stop for part one. So one more time with And Whut looks like this, come in under and do that shoot it across, pop it out and pull that string in, land it on and take your non-throw hand, pull the string over, you untwist this portion, pop it up. That's And Whut part one.

And Whut Part 3:

Okay, we're moving on to And Whut part 2. Let me show you where we got up to last time with And Whut. We went from here, we popped the yo-yo out, we pushed into the string, untwist the triangle and we were here. Okay. The rest of the trick looks like this. You actually come underneath. It's an Under Mount and then you pop the yo-yo up and re-catch on the string and form another triangle and pop it out again. That's the entire trick itself. Let me breakdown where we stopped from part one and breakdown part two for you. So, with part two, you actually-you end right here, 'cause we just finished popping out of the triangle. From here, this is actually like a Trapeze And His Brother, it's called, if you come back around, you're right here. What you want to do now is actually swing the yo-yo up and under. What happens is the yo-yo comes up, it hits the top string here in between your hands and it bounces down to the bottom string. From here what you do is you pop the yo-yo into the air and this is where you actually take these hands with the string here and actually going to pop into the air and come back underneath the yo-yo. It's kinda like this moment and you'll see me do it here, so I popped the yo-yo up, bring it back down and land the yo-yo to onto the string. It doesn't look I did much, but there is actually a little cross down there the yo-yo you can see and because of that cross if I take my pointer finger and pushed into these two strings to land the yo-yo on this one string here and pull the pointer finger out, you'll notice that it hits into a triangle. Once again, the yo-yo was popped in from the backside onto to that and that's the end of part two. So one more time, the whole trick And Whut is over. You'd bring your hand out, come in, pull into the triangle, you untwist once, pop-up and then so there's part 2, pop down, hit the string, come over, pop-up and that's it. Again, there is a lot of steps here. I highly suggest watching each part a couple of times, try and break it down the steps even for yourself when you are ahead from there, you will get it, it just takes a lot of practice.

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