Tidal Wave

Yo-Yo Trick

So the next trick we're going to be showing is Tidal Wave. It looks like this, it starts with the throw, you swing it out. It's actually kinda like your first real loop. A loop looks like this. So a tidal wave is almost half that. It's-you're swinging it out and you're kinda getting the loop motion to practice this what you want to do, is you throw a strong sleeper. I take my non-throw end and I bring it up to the string like so and I swing the yoyo up out in front of me, just like that. You want your hand pretty close to the yoyo. Not this close, but maybe right about there. It's just enough so that you can swing it a little bit back and forth because the next thing you're actually going to do is swing the yoyo straight up and release it. And the first few times you do this you can actually just try swinging it and catching. It's a good way to just practice the initial motion of it. And then what you're actually going to do is instead of catching it, you're going to let it swing and then you're going to throw it back out. The motion is like this. It's actually throwing it back out. So I bring it up, I swing and I throw it back out. Just like that. So one more time. Swing it up. Shoot around, throw it back out, that's called tidal wave. One more time. It's the most basic way to start your looping tricks and once you have that, you're going to be ready to learn a loop.

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