Infinite Star

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, the next trick I�ll be showing you is the Infinite Star, and it's the second part to the Offstring Star. So if you don't know that trick you should go back and watch it, because that�s how you get to this trick. So you get the star and then you're pretty much just orbiting around it. So what you want to do with this one is get into the star, you're pointing both of your fingers forward, and what you want to do is swing the yoyo, like that. And you want to take your pointer finger and hit the inside string, the middle of it, like that. And it�s just going around your finger. Then you go from left to right, and then its just orbiting around. So you just want to aim and hit the middle string with each finger, and that�s the Infinite Star.

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