Two-Hand Inside Outside Loops

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to work on is called inside outside loops, two-handed. What you're doing is you're throwing a loop just like so. And what you're going to do is go, first in the inside, then outside, then inside, outside, just like that. Inside, outside, inside, outside; I believe we touched on this a little bit in one of the previous sections, but the whole motion is you're throwing a normal loop and you just let it go towards the outside of your hand. Do then, practice this with both hands. You want to once again get this strong enough that you can do with your left hand and your right hand. So, then put these together. When I do this, I first start it again, doing the yo-yos at the same time and practicing going in, out, in, out, just like that. You can also practice just doing one hand doing it so you'll notice just my right hand is going in and out like so. That way you can get the motion without actually having to feel like both hands are going crazy. And then, with a little practice, I like doing it just off each other a littler bit, and go in, out, in, out, just like that. And one more time, this is what it looks like going at the same time. Just like that. It's a cool looking trick. You're sure going to impress a lot of people, inside outside loops.

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