Warp Drive

Yo-Yo Trick

Next trick we're going to be working on is a trick called warp drive. Warp drive is a combination of looping tricks and around the worlds. Trick itself looks kinda like this. You start with a loop and what you do is you actually throw into an around the world, loop, around the world, loop, around the world, loop, around the world, like so. Another variation is just doing loops and then throwing repeatedly into around the worlds like so. I've been taught both ways. I believe the current trick at a contest is loops to around the world to a loop to around the world like so. Anyways, to practice this trick, start with loops. Once you've got strong loops going, all you're doing is you're taking that loop and you're throwing it in to around the world. You're making that really strong motion to force it into around the world and then bring it back around and start looping again. So, one more time, it's like this. Start with loops. I'm going to take my hand and instead of making the quick flicking motion, I'm going to make a strong forward swing motion with it and that's going to help send that yoyo into a sleeping around the world. Then as I'm ready to swing it back onto loops, I stop my hand which allows it to come back into the looping motion and once again to go back to around the world. I shoot it out like so. So, practice this a couple different ways. Practice going from the loops to around the worlds to loops to around the worlds and you can also just practice kind of doing around the world like so back into around the world repeatedly just by shooting out like that. Warp drive.

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