Offstring Boingy Boingy

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick is a really fancy, showy, trick that people like; itís called Boingy-Boingy. And as you can see Iím wearing a glove because that helps prevent string burns, hurting your skin, and all that stuff. So what you want to do for this trick is, since its all just about getting the rhythm with your throw hand and you really just kind of leave your non throw hand standing there, is bounce it up. And it should come back down, like that. So you just pull with the bottom string and try to hit the top string. You just need to aim it, and a good way to learn it is to just keep practicing it once and then when it comes back down do it again. Itís all about timing and it really just takes a lot of practice. So thatís Boingy-Boingy, itís all about the motion with your throw hand. And itís hard in 1A too, itís going to be a hard trick in offstring, but you're just bouncing it back and forth. And when it hits the top string it just comes back down so you really don't have to do that effort with your left hand. Just bounce it up and itís going to come back down. And thatís Boingy-Boingy.

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