Offstring Shoulder Whip

Yo-Yo Trick

So this next trick is a whip, the Shoulder Whip, and it's not exactly whipping the yo-yo, but you're more whipping your shoulder and landing the yo-yo on the string. It's pretty cool. What you do first is you want to just practice on popping the yo-yo and switching hands, right there. And when you do that it helps you get the motion of throwing it on your shoulder. And like I said you want to hold the yo-yo like you're whipping it so when you're whipping your shoulder you can control the string and where the yo-yo is going to land. So you're right here, pop it up, and just land it on your shoulder. What I actually do to help me out is once I land it here, I swing it out, and you're kind of pulling as you swing it out so it comes near your shoulder. And don't be scared of it; just trust the motion and that it will land near your shoulder. And when you're whipping you want to control the whip and make sure it lands on one of these strings. I choose the inside string so it�s already there from where it was to begin with. But it's not too difficult of a trick; you just need to get the motion down of the yoyo landing inside your shoulder and hand. And that is the Shoulder Whip.

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