Shoot the Moon

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next looping trick we're going to work on is a trick called shoot the moon. This is one that yoyo's actually coming up and then back up -- over your head almost -- and then comes back down. It looks like this. I'm throwing out and up, out and up. This is honestly one of the hardest looping tricks you're going to learn on. It takes a lot of time, a lot of control and it's actually -- it's a little scary when you're first time because the yoyo is coming right up in your head. It almost looks like you're going to hit it but to be honest, I've actually never hit myself doing shoot the moons. It doesn't mean you can't but it's less likely you're going to actually hit yourself than hit your arms or something. So, the motion starts with forward pass and instead of catching it, what you're actually doing is you're letting the yoyo come toward your hand at the last minute, you're kinda bailing out and shifting your whole hand up like that which causes the yoyo to shoot up into the air. Notice from this angle, as this yoyo is coming up, my hand just shoot straight up like that. Watch my hand here. The hand comes right up, helps control the yoyo to the top of that string. I'm barely even -- I'm not even really throwing the yoyo up. I'm just moving my hand up towards the ceiling. That's what's helping guide that yoyo up towards the air. Some people will use their whole hand when they're doing this motion. Some people will just use their finger. I found it's a lot easier when I was first starting to use my hand. You'll notice it's coming right -- the string's coming right over my hand. What happens is as the yoyo's coming up, the string comes up over like that and the yoyo should tread them up in to the air. The other way to do it, will just be using your finger to then control either up or shoot them up like that. Another way you can try and practicing this is almost make a saluting motion just like that instead of bringing -- instead of as the yoyo's coming towards your hand, you just want to actually raise it up just like so. So, watch my hand here. The hand just raises straight up, that's what helps propel the yoyo up into the air. One more time, so that the yoyo goes right up in to the air and shoot the moon again. It's up and then back out. Practice this a lot. It takes more practice than most of your other looping tricks but it's one of the basics of looping. It's important to know as we move into two-handed. That's shoot the moon.

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