Pinwheel for Counterweight Yo-Yo Tricks

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next freehand trick we're going to show you is a trick called pinwheel. What happens is-is the yoyo actually comes around your finger, you release it and you allow it to swing around and you re-grab it just like that. So, what you're doing here is instead of actually throwing a trapeze and releasing it, it's--as the dice comes--as the yoyo comes around, you simply let go of it. Allow it to swing back over your finger and you catch again. So, to do this, swing the yoyo up over. Just as the yoyo is coming up around your finger like so, I let go. And I allow the dice to come back around and catch, just like that. So, one more time, you can see, I'm letting go of the dice just as the yoyo is starting to come over my finger. It gives it enough movement to actually propel the dice up and over so that I can again, re-catch it. One more time, pinwheel. You swing the yoyo up and over, I release the dice and because the yoyo is pulling down on that, it allows the dice to shoot over and allow me to re-catch it. One of the things you want to try avoiding is as it's coming around, is the pinch. It's kind of a natural reaction. And even I'll do it sometimes. If it's coming around too fast then I pinch it to grab it. But you'll get a much smoother transition if you don't pinch and it's going to help you out later on to get the feel for freehand play. If you can just hold it and then I just re-grab the string, it makes the whole motion a one smooth motion and it allows you to get more control on the yoyo just like that. And that's a pinwheel.

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