Basic Inside Loops

Yo-Yo Trick

Okay, so you are ready for looping tricks. You learned tidal wave, you're ready to loop. Looks like this. It's a real cool trick. It takes a lot of timing and control but it's worth it. When you're able to do this trick, people will start telling you, "Ah, looks like...", they'll start telling you stories about how they heard the yo-yo was a weapon. And you can be like, "Yeah, it's pretty close to it when you can go right up to somebody and loop". I've also seen people do entire shows where they actually will loop and hit a quarter off a friends ear and something like that. It's pretty cool. So, loops. What you're doing is you'll notice my hand is basically making a throwing motion over and over again. The whole motion itself, is I throw the yo-yo out as it's coming back around, my hand comes back in almost to where you would normally throw it and then just shoots it back out, like so. And you're doing this over and over again. This is the whole looping motion. When you first start a lot of people do this. When they throw, see my whole hand moving out there. I see a lot of people doing this when they first start. And it's okay to practice like that. It's a good way that at least you're getting the yo-yo out there and moving your whole hand. But with a little practice, what you actually want to do is focus on your wrist. Just use that wrist to swing the yo-yo back out there and eventually, it's going to be just even more of your finger. You'll notice when I'm doing it, it's a little bit my wrist but it's mostly my finger. That middle finger is just repeatedly shooting that yo-yo back out over and over again. Its controlling the loops just like so. One more time. This is the basic loop. It takes a lot of practice. Don't get discouraged. You'll eventually get it. The most basic version of it is to try and get three loops. So just get one throw, one, two, three. If you can get that you're doing the trick. Be proud of yourself. Keep practicing until you can do five, ten, twenty and eventually you'll just be able to do it without stopping. That's loops.

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