Throw Off String Yo-Yos

Yo-Yo Trick

So, next, I want to show you how to actually throw an off string yoyo. The traditional throw is actually from a forward pass which we touched on in both the string trick and looping sections. So if you didn't learn to forward pass yet, go take a look at that section. It is really important in order to do off string tricks. So, you got your yoyo. I want you to wind it up and what you're going to do is you're going to hold it as if you're doing a forward pass. So, forward pass, you start in your side like so. The yoyo is released as it comes up and out like so, and what's going to happen is just as you're going to release the yoyo. I want you to stick your finger out just right here. The yoyo is going to come up under the finger and that your finger is actually going to grab the string. And you'll see that the yoyo is going to shoot up into the air and you take that string, aim it, and you catch the yoyo. So, it looks just like this. I'm going to throw. I'm going to put my finger out and the yoyo goes up into the air and catches the string like that. Let me show what that looks like again. Just so you can see it. You know the first three times you do this, don't aim towards anything that's breakable. I learned how to do it outside. I highly recommend doing that, because it can definitely fly off. Even you're good at it and every now and then you get a bad throw, and it might shoot up into the air. So, it's just like that. You throw, release, it lands onto the string. The second part is called the bind. If you haven't learn how to bind, I definitely recommend going to the single A section, but basically what you're doing is you're taking the string up here in my non-throw hand pointer here. And I'm taking it and point it down over the yoyo. It's actually going to grab the yoyo and return it back. Let me just grab my yoyo here. I'll show you really quick what that looks like. So if the yoyo was on the string spinning, I would pull the string down over it, almost as if you're actually going to wind it. And what happens is, because it's spinning, it's going to shoot that yoyo right back up to your hand. The reason I didn't grab before was I didn't pull quite fast enough cause I was trying to show you guys what it looks like. Let me show really quick what it looks like in full motion again. As it is spinning I take that string, I pull it down just like that. It's going to shoot right back to your hand, and that's how to throw and bind an off string yoyo.

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