Shoulder Pop Counterweight

Yo-Yo Trick

So, the next trick we're going to work on is called shoulder pops. This is a trick that combines the nunchuck move that we learned a little bit ago and the one handed mount. The trick itself looks like this. You start with the one hand mount like so. And you actually shoot it over your shoulder and allow it to pop back over that shoulder and then shoot back around the yoyo and you catch again. The key to this is as it hits that shoulder, you really want to pop it off right away. That's what's going to allow it to come around the yoyo and remount. It's almost kinda like repeating that one handed mount except you don't have to actually swing the yoyo. The dice is just coming off your shoulder and remounting it. So, one more time to start with it, what you want to do is you start with one hand mount like so. You're going to swing it into a nunchuck and the minute it hits, I just pop back over like that. The minute it hits the shoulder, it release, it shoots back around and catches on the yoyo. One more time, the real key to this is as the dice comes back over up and around my shoulder the minute it gets here, I straighten out. I don't let it come up over my shoulder, I just let it hit it, and it comes back around, swings up around the yoyo and remounts itself. So, that is the shoulder pop. Practice it, and eventually, you'll be able to get it. It's a pretty cool looking move.

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