Introduction to Offstring Yo-Yo Types

Yo-Yo Trick

All right, I�m going to be showing you guys the different types of yo-yos there are for offstring. What I�m using right now is the Go Big; it has rubber on it which makes the mass more balanced and also it has a tighter gap which makes it better for regens. The next yoyo is the Fiesta XX. This yoyo definitely spins longer for more technical tricks and it is also all plastic. The other yoyo is the Equinox and it has a really good bounce to it - also the weight is centered in the middle, which allows you to yoyo faster because it's light as well. Another yoyo similar to that is the Rextreme - this pretty much is a wider version of it, which is good for body orbits and all that stuff. An all-plastic yoyo called the Big Ben, it's like an oversized 1a yoyo, is really used for more technical tricks. And the last yoyo is the Big Yo - this yoyo has a wide gap, which makes it a lot easier to catch the yoyo. And those are all the offstring yoyos.

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