Time Warp

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to show you is called "Time Warp". It's a really cool looking looping trick. This is one where you want to have a strong Around the World. Take a look at that Around the World video. If you haven't already -- you want to have that down really well. The trick looks like this. It starts from an Around the World, just like this. And what you do is you actually reverse the way it's spinning and it comes backwards like so. So, it's an Around the World halfway through its reversed and shoots backwards the other way, just like so. To do this trick, you start again with an Around the World. I've found it's easy if you kinda stop the yo-yo like so. And from here, it's almost a Hop the Fence motion. You're actually-instead of catching the yo-yo, you're throwing it back over. So, it starts with Around the World, swing it around and I'm going to bring it up backward and then you make this backward swinging Around the World motion. So, looks like this. Forward, I shoot out and bring it backwards like so. Notice the position of my hands as I'm doing this. It's just the quick flick in the opposite direction. I kinda help it swing around as it's coming. So, you see my hand straying out and then make--help make the swinging motion so I can control it up and around. One more time, Time warp, Around the World, stop, reverse directions in to the backwards Around the World and that's Time Warp.

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