Brother Stall!

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, Man and His Brother Stall. This is just like Trapeze Stall. Trapeze Stall looks like this. Man & His Brother Stall looks like this, which is in the other direction. Same idea, the yo-yo is not spinning, but it's partially wound up, and you can get it back to the hand like that. You have to know Trapeze Stall to be able to do this, so go back and learn that if you haven't already. Throw a Trapeze Stall, and then regenerate the yo-yo around your freehand index finger, going around your freehand middle finger, and you're going to intercept it on the other side as it responds with your index finger on your throw hand side. So, like that. So you can see it's basically just a Trapeze Stall on the other side of your body. It's not moving and partially wound up. And then to get it back, we're going to throw it around our index finger on that side and bring it back to the hand. So once again, one side, other side. It's really not too complicated, but it can be tricky to get it at first. One thing that's really important is that spin direction actually makes a big difference. When you regenerate that Trapeze Stall, the spin direction changes, which lets you land it over here. If you don't do that (if you just throw a Trapeze), well you couldn't land it in Brother Stall, because the spin direction hasn't made that reverse. So it's got to make that Trapeze Stall first. Then you can land it over here. You can also do a nice little repeater. You can do this pretty much all day, and it's a good way to work on your stall consistency. Alright, Trapeze Stall, Man & His Brother Stall. Have fun!

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