How To Do A Yo-Yo Grind Through A Triangle

Yo-Yo Trick

The next trick we're going to do is grind through triangle. This is another grind trick, so if you haven't been passing your grinds, take a look at the grinding video, get controlled of it, get a really good strong throw, it's really important for grinds. This one is another really cool variation. What we're doing is, you actually start with a wrist mount. So this is one that you can actually use one of your wrist mount variations we used earlier. What you do is you actually pop it out the front. I just popped it out of the front there, you pop it out the front instead of the back. What this does is it creates a triangle. You want to hold on to that triangle and keep it open. Let me show you how you do that real quick. As you're getting ready to pop out towards the front, put your thumb and your pointer into the string on the left and when it is out you drop out your throw hand and you have left what you're holding over here, it's a triangle. If you hold it really tight, you can see it there. What we're actually going to do is grind through that. So let me show you what this looks like. Once you have this here, you actually grind the yo-yo up and through the triangle and that that allows you to do is if you had dropped that triangle, you would of had a knot. But by grinding you can actually grind up through it and it's kind of a cool transition, a cool way to show case your grinding skills that you can precisely bring up through the loop. I'm going to show you this again. So you start with the wrist mount, form that triangle and this time you take your throw hand and bring it onto the yo-yo and you use your left hand to bring the string over your hand as the yo-yo is coming up. So let me show you this again. You grind it, it comes up through it like so.

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