Makin Da Zines!

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright, the next trick is Makin Da Zines (or Seth P Makin Da Zines In Da Back For Da Girls), which is a classic Drew Tetz Trick with classic Drew Tetz name. You're going to regenerate it, and do it again. But you kind of have to pay attention to the specifics here, because it's a little bit harder than it looks.

So as you regenerate it, you want to be sure that the yo-yo pops up on the left side of your body. You have to really control the regeneration so that the yo-yo doesn't flip over. It's basically a Planet Hop. And you can do this all day as long as you can control it. At this point the yo-yo is not spinning. When it starts spinning again, you want to control the way that the yo-yo comes back to the hand so that it doesn't flip. If we do it in this direction, you'll notice that it doesn't flip, and you end up in another trapeze. And you can do this all day; it's a repeater. You can also do this in a more simplified way. You can throw the yo-yo back on the right side, and regenerate it that way.

That's a similar idea, but it's NOT really the same trick. It doesn't have the same style of Drew's version, which comes out over there. Really really fun repeater. Super addictive, and a great way to practice your stalls. Great to do out of any kind of combination. So, Drew Tetz's Makin Da Zines.

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