Lunar Landing (part 2)!

Yo-Yo Trick

Alright we're going to go ahead with part 2 of Lunar Landing. Lunar Landing looks like this. We just did it a moment ago, but there are a lot of great extensions to it, so we'll kind of continue with those. One version is this. I call it Skin the Moon. Skin the Cat, of course, is up and out like that. Skin the Moon is up and right down into Lunar Landing. So it just helps you to get used to putting your hand into that position for the mount, which is a good way to practice it. And it's also a fun way to end a trick.

Another god variation is called Crash Landing where you follow the yo-yo going around in a punch regen. Throw it out forward pass, punch it, and find it in Lunar Landing. It's kind of tough because it's blind as it goes over your shoulder, but definitely doable. Another great example is reverse Lunar Landing or reverse Lunar, which you can do just from forward pass. You throw it, and you catch it upside down in Lunar Landing. If I catch it and kind of stop it right here, you can see that it's the same idea. You're just going to put your thumb in front of the string, and as the yo-yo winds up upside down, you catch it in an upside down Lunar. (The Lunar's not upside down, but your hand is.) Regular Lunar would be like this, and if you just throw a forward pass, the yo-yo is coming back the other way, so you just get to that position and catch it that way.

Once you have that down, you can do a lot of cool things. You can throw a breakaway to regular Lunar, and then throw a reverse breakaway and catch it in a reverse Lunar. And you can just go back and forth all day with that. You can even go around and catch it in a Lunar Double or Nothing. There are a lot of great examples of what you can do with that. You can even snap-start and forward pass it right into reverse Lunar, which is a great way to continue with a combo or begin a combo. So a lot of great variations on Lunar Landing. Learn em all. Get really used to them. A lot of great ways to get used to finding those tiny little one-handed mounts which are a big part of fixed axle right now. Have fun!

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