Yo-Yo Trick

So, we're going to touch back on a trick called sidewinder which looks like this, you throw and you'll notice I move my hand to the side. The string's actually raveling around the yo-yo. What this does is it loosens and tightens the string depending on what direction you do it to it. It's a very important trick in two-handed yo-yoing because when you're doing loops, every time you do a loop the yo-yo turns around and actually loosens the string in turn. So, every time you're doing this right now, it's slowly loosening the string. If I just kept doing this, the yo-yo would actually, eventually, come right off the string and go flying out, and you don't want that to happen. If you're doing it with your left hand, if you're a left-handed yo-yo player or if you're practicing with your left hand, this movement is actually tightening the string eventually If I do this enough the string is going to get so tight, it's going to bind up and it won't come out. The string is just going to get stuck there. So, a sidewinder is an important trick because it allows us to quickly loosen and tighten the string. In that way, you don't have to take it off your finger and pull down to get the string all stringed out for yourself. So, sidewinder, you want to throw. We touched on this in the basic tricks. You can go and take a look at this one later. I just want to talk about it a little more in this section because you want to try and get this movement bigger. When I first taught it to you, I told you just kinda slightly move your hand and you'll notice you'll kinda get a movement. Right now what you really want to do is practice this, but make that movement extreme. So, when you really, really move that hand, you'll notice I can actually control that yo-yo spinning out there for a good couple of seconds. You'll notice the strings really ravelling around it. I'm really getting that string tight or loose like I need to, and it's essential for when you're doing it with two hands. Two-handed yo-yoing, you will always want to be able to control your string tension. This is very important for that, so practice, sidewinder really strong movement to the right. That's what going to get that string tighten and loosen for you. Go back and take a look at the other video for sidewinder 2, you will see and get the basics down. Practice is going to help you out a lot when you're learning two-handed.

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